We work closely with your team to define the best strategy and create a customized solution to meet your environmental goals. As your partner, we share the responsibility to nurture a greener planet for future generations.

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In 2009, with an increase in government legislation to promote sustainability, we anticipated a rise in the environmental commodity markets. To help companies succeed in meeting their environmental goals, we decided to make these complex markets as transparent and simple as possible.

ACT brings an understanding of a complex and dynamic marketplace where legislation, product availability and client requirements are constantly evolving, forming a link between buyers and sellers of tradable products. We have experienced explosive growth in recent years and we now trade over 40 products in a large number of markets across Europe, Asia and the US.

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GFK research shows that 51% of businesses put sustainability prominently on their agenda. Businesses increasingly realize the importance of working sustainably and are discovering the opportunities offered to them by Corporate Social Responsibility. We not only help these companies achieve their sustainability goals in a responsible manner but we also practice what we preach.

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