Our way of working

At ACT we have a well-established method, which will support you at every step of the journey towards achieving your sustainability goals. This method is based on the following principles:

Firstly, we put our unrivalled expertise at your service. With our unrivalled knowledge and access to global markets and environmental products at your fingertips, we can help you achieve maximum impact.

Secondly, we understand the power of an environmentally friendly image in today’s consumer markets. We supply products that take environmental reporting standards into account, allowing brands to not just remain competitive but gain an advantage through their corporate sustainability strategy.

Our approach has gained us the trust of 5000 customers, whom we serve from our locations in Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Shanghai.

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Understanding your needs

Together with your team, we analyze your sustainability needs and translate them into a strong tailor-made proposal. In order to do so, we will ask you several questions to understand your objectives and goals. For example: What are your sustainability goals and targets? Which reporting standards are important to you? What are you seeking to achieve through your sustainability program?


Tailoring your solution

Our global reach enables us to offer you a bespoke mix of products that can be delivered or combined to develop your custom proposal. We listen closely to your needs and partner up with you to find the right solution. Together we determine your strategy of choice and decide if there should be a needs-based or product-based approach. By maximizing the usage of available products, we can propose several different options to fit your chosen strategy.

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Activating your plan

Our personalized service means that you receive guidance where and when you need it. You will work closely with our team, with a single point of contact connecting you to our global network and ensuring quick turnaround throughout the process.

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We will help you set up the right plan that matches your objectives.

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