Carbon Neutrality

The idea of carbon neutrality has been growing in importance since the turn of the century. In 2006, The New Oxford American Dictionary announced ‘Carbon Neutral’ as its Phrase of the Year. And following the Paris Agreement, signed in 2016, carbon neutrality has become an ever-more pressing concern for governments and companies across the globe.

Whether your company is in the public or private sector, setting a path towards carbon neutrality will play a vital role in helping to realize the goals of the Paris Agreement. At ACT we can help you at every stage of the journey, from balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal initiatives, all the way to entering the post-carbon economy by reducing emissions to zero.

Carbon Neutrality

How to go carbon neutral

Going carbon neutral is a step-by-step process. This is how we break it down:

  1. Start off with a clear picture of your situation by measuring and accounting your company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  2. Create an objective by setting GHG emission reduction targets.
  3. Put your plan in action and set about reducing your GHG emissions.
  4. Let the world know by communicating your results.

You can also complement your company’s carbon reduction programs through carbon offsetting.

How ACT can help you

There are a number of practical actions we can take to help your company go carbon neutral. We can assist with obtaining carbon offset and energy attribute certificates. We can advise you on entering power and gas purchase agreements for sustainable, zero-emission electricity and gas. Whatever challenges you face, we will present tailor-made solutions.

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