Renewable Gas

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you will be thinking of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your company’s gas consumption. Renewable gas is the obvious solution, but what is not-so-obvious is how best to procure it, use it and prove that you are doing so. That’s where ACT comes in.

There are three main ways to reduce carbon emissions associated with burning fossil natural gas. Firstly, you can offset emissions using carbon compensation certificates from audited climate protection projects around the globe. These projects may include social benefits, such as employment, infrastructure and education for local communities.

Secondly, you can procure sustainable gas produced from sustainable sources of biomass. Biomethane certificates, similar to those used in electricity tracking, come in handy here to prove that your gas is green. Thirdly, you can procure both gas and certificates simultaneously, transporting the physical commodity and its accreditation via the same contractual chain.

Take a look below to discover the advantages and applications for renewable gas.

Renewable Gas


So what’s so great about green gas? Quite a lot, actually. It can be produced from a number of sources. It is easy to store in the gas grid, so it doesn’t have to be used straight away, as is the case for electricity. And as biomethane has the same composition as fossil natural gas, it can be used in exactly the same way, with a wide range of applications.

To sum up: renewable gas is sustainable, long-lasting, practical and versatile. Keep reading to discover some of the ways your company can use it.

Gas storage

Applications of renewable gas

Generating green electricity

Biogas can be burned in power plants, just like fossil natural gas, to generate renewable electricity which is fed into the power grid.


When biomethane is used to fuel vehicles, as opposed to fossil natural gas, CO2 emissions can be drastically reduced. In some countries incentives are on offer for those who make the switch.


Using biomethane for heating can help companies to reduce or even eliminate CO2 emissions related to their gas consumption.

Gas storage

Ready for renewable gas?

If you ready to put renewable gas to work for your company, ACT can assist you. Working together, we will define and execute a strategy using proven options, including applications of biomethane and the offsetting of CO2 emissions.

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